2021 Club Time Trial Calendar - Marshals Needed!


Marshals are needed for this year’s Club Time Trial programme. The CTTC have upped the number of marshals required for some Kent courses    i.e    the Tonbridge by Pass now requires 5 marshals.

Your help is needed to marshal at any Club Time Trial.  There is nothing much to do, except collect a marshal’s jacket from the Organiser (usually Doug Finch) and stand looking ‘important’ at your assigned slot.  When over, return the marshals jacket to Doug and if you see any ‘Cycling’ signs near where you have marshalled, it would help Doug if you can take them back to him.

If there are insufficient marshals, a volunteer or volunteers will be sought from the riders that have turned up in order for the event to go ahead.

To marshal, all you have to do is email :    timetrials@southborough-wheelers.co.uk  and tell me, Jo Watson, when you can help out.   I would be nice to see some new faces participating during the Time Trial season, if not participating, please come out to help marshal   Thank you very much.

Click here for the 2021 TT schedule.