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Welcome to the SDW Friday Frenzy RGT Series 2.

The aim of the series is to provide an inclusive and easily accessible series that caters for all rider types in a friendly and supportive community. Entry is open to all and we look forward to making friends across the globe and through the RGT community.

We are delighted to be supported once again by The ÆIGHT BIKE CØMPANY with some unique prizes – see more below.

We are also pleased to be raising money for Hospice In the Weald – a local hospice doing an amazing job for those with terminal illness amidst the pressures of Covid-19.

We ask that you might consider a minimum donation of £5 for a one-off race or £10 for the series via the following link



Keep in touch with series info and contribute to community chat via the dedicated SDW Friday Frenzy group in the RGT Discord channel


Series Format

Series 2 is over 7 weeks from Friday 19th April with best 5 results counting.  Races are at 6pm BST each Friday of varying formats - typically lasting from 30 to 45 mins. 



We will be hosting races using RGT Magic Roads created by SDW based on local routes and circuits to us here in the South East of England. 

Event details are as follow. Click on or paste the event code into the app to sign-up.

Magic road codes enable Premium users to recce and ride the routes in their own time.

# Time BST
Date Route Format Event Code Magic Road ID Lap
Laps Race
Climb (m)
1 18:00 April 16th Brands Hatch Indy Crit Crit m4VKLJeWU5 kOJu8udLWxnp 1.9 36 10 19 360
2 18:00 April 23rd RTW to Forest Row Road YCwmKdO3wj URaFkMpD8BXU 19.9 192 1 19.9 192
3 18:00 April 30th  Tonbridge A21 TT Q10/19 ITT (mass start, no draft) kl4euDUzqi jt7ib7ngZRFN 16.1 112 1 16.1 112
4 18:00 May 7th Frantic Frant Wadhurst Loop Road wLsy4FGEMu IfrK6pFUl1Zu 23.9 373 1 23.9 373
5a 18:00 May 14th Lee Valley Crit PwlyToSrPM NBtmg67yW3Cb 1.6 17 7 11.2 119
5b 18:30 May 14th Herne Hill Velodrome Elimination (2 formation laps then 2 eliminations per lap ) LvFGR0MgQc n/a 0.5 2 tbd tbd tbd
6 18:00 May 21st Tonbridge to Toys Road jJrH5Udk1o 9jhuc8mEOKiz 20 335 1 20 335
7 18:00 May 28th Cyclopark Crit XYhIhlZ7gt OfpHylb8nIsX 2.5 22 10 25 220



The main category is an Open Category where no race tag is needed. All riders will automatically be counted in the open category competition.

SDW club members will also be filtered for a separate side competition – no name tag is required for this but please contact Simon Miller if you find yourself missing from the SDW results filter.

In addition, results will be filtered by name tags for the following categories for separate competitions:

Women – Race tag = (W)

Over 45s  - Race tag = (O)

Under 16s - Race tag = (U16)

Under 12s - Race tag = (U12)

Note: Women can apply multiple tags as appropriate.

Tags are added by amending your Surname in the RGT profile settings e.g. Clem Fandango (O)



A separate competition also exists in Series 2 for Teams. Simply contact Simon Miller to notify of your team consisting of a minimum of three people (no max). The aggregate of the best three points results from each team in each event will count to team series standings with the team's best 5 of 7 events counting. If only one or two riders enter an event, they can still contribute to a team score for that event with zero points for their missing riders.

A club may enter multiple teams but riders can only enter one team. You can add a team at any point during the series. 



Points will be allocated by place as follows: 100, 95, 80, 85, 80,......[2 points less per place from 5th down to 20th]… 78, 76, 74, 72, 70, 86, 66, 64, 62, 60, 58, 56, 53, 52, 50 …[1 point less per place down to 69th]. Any rider coming in 70th place or above will still earn 1 point for each race.

For the elimination race evening (two back to back races), the sum of the two results determines the overall event placing. Ties defer to highest race placing of the two events or the eliminationr race is still tied. In the event of same highest placings (ie two riders have a 1st and 2nd ) then the result in the last race breaks the tie. Note: Elimination results will reflect order of elimination which beyond the top 3 may differ +/- 1 from RGT results that are based on timings.

Riders in sub-categories (e.g. Women) will have points allocated in the same way for their own standings e.g. the first female rider across the line finishes 5th in the open category and scores 80 points in the Open Series standings but 100 points in the women’s standings for first place in the women’s category. The same approach applies to the SDW club competition.

Ties in final series standings will be decided based on the best result in the last event.



Open Category results will be published shortly after each race has completed on and in the App (go to Events, then My Events, click on the event and then Results).

Results and series standings for filtered categories will be published asap after the event on this webpage in the document download section at the foot of the page.

Thanks to Philip Riley of RileyMI Accountancy for super efficient results processing. 


Prizes courtesy of The ÆIGHT BIKE CØMPANY

The ÆIGHT BIKE CØMPANY is a cycling collective based in Sussex, England providing full pro-level support for riders of all types with custom bikes that are always ready, wheels that are meticulously built for the individual, constant rider care and massage, all the latest upgrades, training advice and race support.

Join Glen Whittington from the aeight Bike Collective with some special guests for an exclusive online evening. From a pool of industry contacts, Glen will bring together a first-class ensemble to share their tales from on and off the roads and answer you questions in a relaxed interactive atmosphere amidst Friday Frenzy friends and refreshments.  

This prize will be available to all our winners and podium placers in each individual category plus all members of the winning team.

In addition, our individual category winners can also call upon Glen for an exclusive 1:1 online surgery for any mechanic or bike advice queries they might have.

Thanks again to Glen and the team at ÆIGHT BIKE CØMPANY and do visit their website and follow their social media for excellent blogs and to keep in touch with their adventures on and off-road. #aeightbikeco

W E B . Æ I G H T B I K E C Ø




A superb SDW kit now exists in the RGT App Equipment store. While not exclusive to SDW, we would ask if riders in this series could please leave this kit for SDW Members only for these events to enable easy rider identification for those in the SDW Club Competition.  Thank-you


New to RGT

Getting signed up to RGT is easy and its free. The RGT Website is the best place to start, beginning with downloading the two apps.

If you are experiencing any issues, do check-out the helpful RGT support links in the app, search or reach out to the very helpful RGT Users Facebook Group or if still stuck, submit a support ticket via the RGT Website.

Finally, RGT provides some unique and great in-race dynamics that might take a little bit of adjusting to if coming from another platform. Learn more about the RGT Physics in this blog.



For any queries, please contact Simon Miller